Zeus Selling Solutions Customers

Ra Luxury

Ra Luxury is an international luxury brand agency that provides Consulting, Creative and Communications services to premium brands globally for emerging markets like India, China & Brazil.
Engagement Description: Consulting assignment to tansition a television show idea (concept) into a viable business model, negotiating with broadcasters for a airing package and selling sponsorships for the television show to sponsors.

Pramod Films

Pramod Films founded by Pramod Chakravorty (a veteran producer-director of yesteryears) in 1962 is responsible for churning out numerous commercially successful blockbuster cinema with substance; & today Pramod Films is on the verge of completing 50 years  in the Indian film industry. Pramod films is now also looking to enter the world of television programming along with newer forays into cinema. 

Engagement Description: Consulting on production and creative issues for a television show and creating in-show opportunities for revenue monetisation from brands (sponsors).

SevaSys Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

A boutique network infrastructure services company focused on offering enterprise quality services either on client premises or on the Cloud at affordable prices.

Engagement Description: On the board of the company. Responsible for devising and implementing the entire business and sales strategy including channel development.

Offroad Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

India's 1st professional off-roading school

Engagement Description: Consulting on sales strategy and devising new sales approaches to market their Off-road adventure packages and their Thailand holiday-on-a-yatch pacakges.