Founder Profile

Louie Fernandes. RaLpH founded Zeus Selling Solutions in 2014, with the thought of offering and sharing the learning from the various experiences accquired managing high profile sales roles in multiple sales environments to organisations as well as to the student community. 

During his career span of 25 years, 11 assignments, he has learnt from and contributed to some of the world’s most iconic media brands like National Geographic, STAR Movies, STAR World, MTV, MSN, Hotmail, ESPN, STAR Sports, CNBC-TV18. His experience spans 5 mediums- Yellow Pages, Print, TV (Music, Sports, News, Movies, Entertainment, Infotainment and Lifestyle), Internet and Mobile.

Over the years, he has nurtured and refined the capability of being a key contributor to these businesses by driving revenue growth, nurturing new business streams, shaping and influencing strategic directions in the areas of content/ programming, marketing, product development as well as playing a key role in M&A efforts.

He had to constantly set up new teams from scratch, create the communication packages, pitch presentations and the pricing models that withstand competitive pressures and customer's counter arguments and finally train, mentor and lead his team to perform and meet set goals. Not to mention the challenging task of managing expectations of senior management and getting cross functional teams to deliver services within 'impossible' deadlines set by customers.

Setting up new teams so often meant that Louie had to set up new support and intelligence systems relevant to the demands of the category. This required setting up sales strategy and research teams, creating business models and templates, setting up systems to monitor the environment, to benchmark and map best practices. This also meant looking for talent in a non-traditional way, borrowing from existing categories and looking beyond the categories often, to come up with hires that delivered exponential output to the roles. Finally, it also involved setting up the entire process of converting a sales order into an invoice – the delivery system, the various templates for teams to adhere to, dispute resolution, make-good policies and finally the MIS and reporting templates.

Louie brings to the table the deep experiential and grounded learning of walking the streets of Masjid Bunder, Dharavi, Bhiwandi in Mumbai making cold-calls and selling to small traders and merchants to selling high profile television properties of demanding and the most premium cluster of media brands like STAR Movies, MTV, STAR Sports, ESPN, STAR World, NGC, STAR's English HD platform to leading advertisers in the country. Add to this, the experience of setting up and managing a magazine publication and a 24 hour television station in the US, including building a television studio in the Empire States Building in New York.

Louie has a track record of leading his teams from the front, not just spending time painstakingly and patiently training his people across levels, but also going out there and meeting demanding customers at various stages of the sales process. His refusal to get stuck in an ivory tower and willingness to listen and learn has lead to his grounded attitude.

His mantra and the reason for his ability to build strong and lasting relationships has always been 'Sell to Renew' and not just Sell to Close (a deal).

Loves to read, swim, play soccer, tennis and spend time with his loving wife and kids when he takes the foot off the work pedal.

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