Our Services

ZEUS SELLING SOLUTIONS (ZSS) services are grouped in 4 categories:

1] Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring: Will cover sales strategy formulation; go-to-market planning; outside-in view on various sales aspects, approaches, plans; man-power and team structure planning and assessment, weekly or fortnightly coaching, mentoring sessions etc.

2] Outsource Sales Management (OSM): ZSS will take on assignments to directly sell, assist sell, recruit and manage sales teams for customers. Organisations launching a new product or service which needs a sales approach / skill-set different from current sales team's approach / skill-set.

3] Sales Training: Two verticals, one targeted at organisations offering training-for-freshers and the other offering training-to-refresh to reenergize its existing sales teams; and the other vertical targeted at individuals & students, focused on education institutes and colleges with the objective of introducing students to the world of Selling.

4] Sales Process Audit and Sales Automation: ZSS offers consulting on sales process formulation and audit as well as design, planning and implementation of sales automation tools like Sugar CRM etc. to automate the tracking and monitoring of Sales teams across multiple markets and multiple product lines. These tools are already deployed by many leading organisations in the world to manage and monitor their sales functions.