Sales Automation

Sales Process Formulation & Sales Automation

ZSS offers consulting on Sales Process formulation as well as design, planning and implementation of sales automation tools like Sugar CRM to automate the tracking and monitoring of Sales teams across the country. These tools are in use by all leading companies in the world to manage and monitor their sales functions.

Our services cover the design and implementation of a monitoring system that will monitor the activities of all sales people, their customer contacts and the activities (sales calls and other communication) with the customers. The entire sales cycle is logged making it possible to analyse sales performance in multiple ways to arrive at bench-marking and best practices to keep your organisation far ahead of your competition and your sales team on their toes.

Sales automation with CRM tools creates a new culture, a new discipline in organisations that implement it, keeping the teams and the entire sales hierarchy focused on the sales goals. If implemented with rigor it has proven to deliver outstanding results in sales performance improvement at every level.