Sales Training

ZEUS SELLING SOLUTIONS (ZSS) offers sales training designed for both organisations as well as the student community.

Corporate Programs: ZSS consultants can work with organisation to design and tailor make sales training programs and modules that suit their needs. Whether it is 'training-for-freshers' or 'training-to-refresh', ZSS can bring a wealth of experience to a sound base of core theoretical concepts to turn ordinary sales people into industry leading stars.

ZSS consultants will work with its customers to understand the sales process at every stage from understanding what the customer sells, to whom, how they sell at every stage from seeking an appointment to opening an account, to probing, pitching, negotiating and closing deals. Time will be spent understanding how leading sales people succeed, key issues that need to be addressed that can help bring about visible change and favourable outcomes. This understanding will form the base of customising the training program for an organisation.

Student Programs: ZSS can help students assess if they have it in them to excel in a sales focused career by participating in a 'Sales Day Out' program, This program will shortly be made available in Mumbai and other select cities via colleges and education institutes. The program covers the core aspects of the selling process, the skill sets and the attitude required and the desired behavioral characteristics that improves the chances of success. The program attempts to help the students make a fair assessment via the theoretical and experiential learning provided by highly experienced ZSS consultants.